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Wrongful Death claims

A “wrongful death” is one that occurs as the result of the misconduct or negligence of another individual, company or entity. This can include momentary negligence, intentional misconduct or neglect.

If your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, please contact the offices of Sam L. Jenkins Law Firm for a free consultation.  Your case will be assessed, determining the proper course of action to assure you justice through a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. 

What does a wrongful death lawsuit seek to accomplish?

First and foremost, a wrongful death lawsuit serves to seek damages (in the form of monetary compensation) from the party/parties determined to have caused, or contributed to, the victim’s death. Why is this important? Families in this situation not only suffer the emotional stress that comes with losing a loved one, but often time, the financial burdens as well. If a victim was killed due to someone else’s negligence, the victim’s family should be provided with a commensurate monetary value. 

The death of a loved one often leaves survivors of the deceased, stressed and emotionally vulnerable, hence, the Sam Jenkins Law Firm will explain the process, and advise the survivors of their options for legal remedy.

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injury claims

In order to understand the reason a person needs a lawyer to handle of claim involving a catastrophic injury, it’s important to first understand what is meant by the term catastrophic injury.


A catastrophic injury is defined as any type of injury which results in wrongful deathpermanent (severe) functional disability, or severe impairment. Catastrophic injuries often involve the spine, the spinal cord, or the brain (including skull or spinal fractures), and result in a permanent injury that prevents the injured party from performing any type of gainful work.


In most cases, a catastrophic injury can leave a person permanently disabled for the remainder of his or her life. These types of injuries can have many long-term effects on the victim and put an enormous amount of stress on the family due to the injured person’s need for constant supervision and assistance, combined with rehabilitation and a lifetime of related medical expenses. In many cases, a catastrophic injury is responsible for severe disruptions in the central nervous system which include spinal cord injuries or severe burns; these injuries can then affect other systems in the body.


There are many different circumstances that can lead to catastrophic injuries such as automobile accidentswork accidents, etc.  Some of the most common types of catastrophic injuries include the following:


The costs associated with catastrophic injuries.

As one might imagine, a catastrophic injury can put a serious financial burden on the victim’s family. These circumstances often lead to a lifetime of medical costs and rehabilitation expenses. Additionally, victims are often unable to return to work (or cannot work in the same capacity as before). If your injury was caused by another person’s (or entity’s) negligence, why should your family suffer the financial repercussions?


The purpose of filing a claim (or lawsuit) in cases involving catastrophic injuries is to help the victim and their family recover compensation for the “damages” caused. Damages can include lost wages and medical bills, but with catastrophic injuries, your damages will likely reach far into the future. Through an attorney, you can also seek compensation for things such as reduced earning capacityloss of consortiumpain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, the cost of rehabilitative services and assistive devices, as well as any other estimated future medical expenses.


To have the best chance at a successful claim, you need an attorney who understands how to determine the extent of your damages and present compelling evidence (with the help of expert witnesses) to the court. You only get one shot at a personal injury lawsuit, and we understand that you simply cannot leave anything to chance. 


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